Chrissy Teigen Reflects On Returning To The Beach

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She used to model on the beaches of Turks and Caicos, where she is currently on vacation with her family.   
And [/tvshowbiz/chrissy-teigen/index.html Chrissy Teigen] reflected on just how special it was for her to be on the island with her children as she enjoyed her last day of vacation on Friday. 
The model, 34, posted photos from her beach adventures along with a message reflecting on their meaningful destination.   

Last day: Chrissy Teigen was posed up on the beaches of Turks and Caicos with her son Miles, on Friday, for their final day on the tropical island
In her first photo, the cookbook author sat in the sand with her son Miles, aged one, as the water came over their feet. 
She posed, smiling at the camera, in a black one piece swimsuit, and black, metal frame sunglasses. 
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Her brown locks were were tied up in a lush bun and held back by a colorful tied headband. 
Then and now: The mother-of-two then shared a snap of Miles, with big sister Luna, aged three, on a small, child-sized, picnic table, sharing how special it is bringing her kids to a place she used to shoot at early in her career
The toddler sat between his mom's legs in blue floral pattern swim trunks, giving a big smile. 
Chrissy captioned the image of the pair, 'last day,' before she went on to share memories of her earlier memories in Turks and Caicos. 
The mother-of-two then shared a snap of Miles, with big sister Luna, aged three, on a small, child-sized, picnic table. 
Paddled: The 34 year old supermodel took to her Instagram story to share a video of her doing a yoga class outside before another video of her out on a small watercraft being paddled by her husband
'I have had so many memories at the conch shack here in Turks and Caicos,' in her captioned Chrissy said. 'I used to shoot Alloy catalogs here with @nicolefasolino way back in the day, never having seen better water in my life.'
Being able to bring her kids to a spot from early in career seemed to be special for Chrissy. 
She added: 'Now my babies are here and I'm happy to bring them back for years to come!'
Adding some recommendations from the restaurant she said, 'Get the spicy jerk, the dirty fries and yes, the conch.'
Chrissy's bikini: Chrissy Teigen spent the first day of 2020 soaking up the sun with husband John Legend, which resulted in an unfortunate tan line

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Tan line: After her 'being active' video, she shared a photo of her covered up with a towel, but with her breasts partially exposed to show her tan line
The family has been in Turks and Caicos since before New Years, though Chrissy spent some of it not feeling well and with a deep sun burn. 
'I am not feeling great but happy new year yayyyyy,' she said, while sharing a photo of her blowing her nose with a white towel wrapped around her before the new year.
She also shared another photo of her leaning against the table, stating in the caption, 'sinus drugs got me f***ed uppppp. 1 hour til countdown but I'm out love u guys!!'
Better: The supermodel seems to be feeling better, after revealing on Instagram yesterday that she will be ringing in the new year with a cold
Sinus: She also shared another photo of her leaning against the table, stating in the caption, 'sinus drugs got me f***ed uppppp. 1 hour til countdown but I'm out love u guys!!'